Irish Settlers In New York City

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This various-document undergraduate report delivers an introduction to the Irish Settlers with the New York City. It has a tendency to concentrate on the reasons why and also the life models, in addition to participation manufactured by the Irish towards Ny City.

Is There a Biological Hazard To The Usa Are We Ready For The Hazard

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The ideal platform to unveil the mysteries surrounding the universe


Though the universe is nearly billion years old but it still contains different mysteries and myths whose answers are not all available to the space enthusiast. With the help of Universe Science Books, there is an attempt to unravel some of those mysteries. In brief, the site helps to clean up doubt from the mind of the viewers and hence provides a sort of cleaning service.

Every mystery revolving the universe has been thoroughly addressed here. These mainly include solar corona, existence of dark energy, theory of big bang and so on. All these issues have been discussed in simple languages and are quite interesting to read. Discussions on the theory of big bang are really fascinating and viewers will tend to think about the mystery associated with it.

It offers discussions after obtaining references from various sources that include anthropological, historical, paleontological, geological and many more. It offers an honest attempt to address those basic universal mysteries with logical deductions. Users after reading these comments can post their comments. For budding astrophysicists this site is of much use. While explaining these mysteries, references from the past scholars are also available here in detail.


Theories and Controversies Surrounding Universe


Astronomers since ages and astrophysicists, solar scientists, and space researchers of late have propounded cosmic theories that have made the universe (as we know it) more mysterious and elusive. Most astronomers aver that the universe which was created about 13.2 billion years ago via a ‘Big Bang’ explosion continues to burgeon perpetually. However, an astrophysicist team from Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Inc have propounded that the universe may not simply be expanding.

According to these space researchers, unlike the postulations of the Big Bang theory, the space around our immediate universe comprising the Milky Way, the solar family, and the space above our earth, objects apparently tend to diminish and look dimmer as they move away. Surprisingly enough, the predictions of this hypothesis hold good as do those from the Big Bang that entails complicated rectifications concerning alleged dark energy and dark matter.

Rig-Veda, most ancient of the Hindu Vedas which was penned between 15th and 12th century BCE details an oscillating universe that came out of an egg, cosmic egg to be precise. It was in this egg that the entire universe made up of the sun, moon, stars, planets, and the infinite space was contained. All these cosmic bodies during an oscillating moment emerged out of the egg and then in the next cyclical phase collapsed or contracted back into the egg.

The geocentric theory-where the earth lies at the universe’s center-was first proposed by Aristotle, a Greek scientist and philosopher in the 4th century B.C. All other celestial bodies including the planets, stars, and the sun orbited around the earth. However, he rightly established that there were five chief elements, namely earth, fire, water, air and ether.

Nevertheless, the first individual to put forward a model placing the sun at the universe’s centre with our lonely planet orbiting around it was also a Greek by the name of Aristarchus. Aristarchus was the first mathematician and astronomer to present the heliocentric theory.


Mysteries of Universe and Cosmos


Though our universe is nearly 13.7 billion years old, it still holds many a secret that astronomers and astrophysicists have not been able to unravel to this day. Astrophysicists yet don’t know what causes Fermi bubbles or pulsars to pulsate or what exactly is dark matter composed of. Mentioned below are some mysteries or oddities of the universe that have kept astronomers on tenterhooks.

  1. Where is the missing part of the Universe?

Dark energy makes up 70% of the cosmos and dark matter comprises another 25% and the balance 5% is made up of routine or normal matter. Surprisingly enough 50% of this normal matter remain untraceable that has continued to baffle astrophysicists and space researchers.

The regular matter has been termed as baryonic matter and is comprised of electrons and protons. Some astronomers allege that the missing part lies in between galaxies but unfortunately have not been able to backup their proposition with concrete evidence.

  1. Dark Energy Remains Elusive

Nearly 70% of the universe is constituted of dark energy which is making the cosmos accelerate and expand at huge speeds. Irritatingly enough, this dark energy still remains nebulous as space researchers have failed to detect the same.

  1. Incredible Hotness of Sun’s Corona

The corona of the sun comprising the outer periphery of the star is staggeringly hot at 6 million degrees centigrade. Physicists have carried out studies that indicate a faint correlation between the magnetic field of the sun and the energy underneath its visible surface leading to the heating up of corona.

  1. How Are Supernovas Formed?

Exploding stars or supernovas blast off so scintillatingly that the glow from neighboring galaxies simply pale in comparison. However, astronomers haven’t been able to figure out the mechanism that causes stars to explode.

  1. What Causes Pulsars to Pulsate?   

The first pulsar (a kind of neutrino star emitting electromagnetic beams and spinning rapidly on its axis) which was traced in 1967 continues to flummox space scientists. They are completely clueless about what makes pulsars pulsate or even stop pulsating-a phenomenon that was observed in 2008.




Here at Universe Science Books, we try and question some unresolved mysteries of the universe. Instead of just leaving it in the hands of physicists or mathematicians, we focus on the history behind our universe and provide useful information to our viewers. One of the famous theories behind the creation of the universe is the Big Bang Theory. Most of the physicists believe that the Universe was the result of a Big Blast that lead to the creation of the planets and other solar objects. But behind every theory there is a controversy and the Big Bang theory is no different.

There are various questions that need to be answered before we come up with a concrete answer to the question behind evolution. Darwin’s theory of evolution has been the best known studies related to the evolution of mankind. One of the famous quotes of Sagan defines our universe quite easily, he said “things might change in the physical universe but the rules of the nature don’t change.” If you have a close look towards the evolution of mankind and the development of our Universe then Sagan’s quote comes out to be true.

Change is a constant phenomenon and it is important to be aware of the dynamics of the universe to understand various aspects of life. If you are interested in the World of Cosmos and astronomy then you will surely enjoy the information posted on our blog. We go through various anthropological, geological and paleontogy theories to come out with a well researched article in the world of astronomy. These interesting facts related to the age, extent and origin of universe also provide an in-depth knowledge of various historical facts. To get a proper understanding of various so called “Dark Matter” you need to learn and research.