Irish Settlers In New York City

This 12-website newspaper shows a discussion on a historic past, heritage and habits about the Irish American citizens. The article author calls for us by using a picturesque tour of an existence they provide in north america today along with their immigration heritage. Traditions, lifestyle and activities are usually talked about. There was 15 methods […]

The ideal platform to unveil the mysteries surrounding the universe

Though the universe is nearly billion years old but it still contains different mysteries and myths whose answers are not all available to the space enthusiast. With the help of Universe Science Books, there is an attempt to unravel some of those mysteries. In brief, the site helps to clean up doubt from the […]

Theories and Controversies Surrounding Universe

Astronomers since ages and astrophysicists, solar scientists, and space researchers of late have propounded cosmic theories that have made the universe (as we know it) more mysterious and elusive. Most astronomers aver that the universe which was created about 13.2 billion years ago via a ‘Big Bang’ explosion continues to burgeon perpetually. However, an […]

Mysteries of Universe and Cosmos

Though our universe is nearly 13.7 billion years old, it still holds many a secret that astronomers and astrophysicists have not been able to unravel to this day. Astrophysicists yet don’t know what causes Fermi bubbles or pulsars to pulsate or what exactly is dark matter composed of. Mentioned below are some mysteries or […]


Here at Universe Science Books, we try and question some unresolved mysteries of the universe. Instead of just leaving it in the hands of physicists or mathematicians, we focus on the history behind our universe and provide useful information to our viewers. One of the famous theories behind the creation of the universe is […]