Here at Universe Science Books, we try and question some unresolved mysteries of the universe. Instead of just leaving it in the hands of physicists or mathematicians, we focus on the history behind our universe and provide useful information to our viewers. One of the famous theories behind the creation of the universe is the Big Bang Theory. Most of the physicists believe that the Universe was the result of a Big Blast that lead to the creation of the planets and other solar objects. But behind every theory there is a controversy and the Big Bang theory is no different.

There are various questions that need to be answered before we come up with a concrete answer to the question behind evolution. Darwin’s theory of evolution has been the best known studies related to the evolution of mankind. One of the famous quotes of Sagan defines our universe quite easily, he said “things might change in the physical universe but the rules of the nature don’t change.” If you have a close look towards the evolution of mankind and the development of our Universe then Sagan’s quote comes out to be true.

Change is a constant phenomenon and it is important to be aware of the dynamics of the universe to understand various aspects of life. If you are interested in the World of Cosmos and astronomy then you will surely enjoy the information posted on our blog. We go through various anthropological, geological and paleontogy theories to come out with a well researched article in the world of astronomy. These interesting facts related to the age, extent and origin of universe also provide an in-depth knowledge of various historical facts. To get a proper understanding of various so called “Dark Matter” you need to learn and research.

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