The ideal platform to unveil the mysteries surrounding the universe


Though the universe is nearly billion years old but it still contains different mysteries and myths whose answers are not all available to the space enthusiast. With the help of Universe Science Books, there is an attempt to unravel some of those mysteries. In brief, the site helps to clean up doubt from the mind of the viewers and hence provides a sort of cleaning service.

Every mystery revolving the universe has been thoroughly addressed here. These mainly include solar corona, existence of dark energy, theory of big bang and so on. All these issues have been discussed in simple languages and are quite interesting to read. Discussions on the theory of big bang are really fascinating and viewers will tend to think about the mystery associated with it.

It offers discussions after obtaining references from various sources that include anthropological, historical, paleontological, geological and many more. It offers an honest attempt to address those basic universal mysteries with logical deductions. Users after reading these comments can post their comments. For budding astrophysicists this site is of much use. While explaining these mysteries, references from the past scholars are also available here in detail.


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